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Pipeline Inspections
Partnering with leading specialist suppliers, UVS Trenchless can provide a range of purpose-built Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for pipeline inspection tasks. Specialised vehicles can inspect water flooded pipelines and tunnels penetrating distances of up to 3,000m. Longer penetrations can also be achieved with further system configuration. Access points required can be as small as 19-inch manholes to provide the necessary clearance to launch an ROV into a tunnel or pipeline.

Local Back-up & Support
In Australia UVS Trenchless provides full back-up and support for all pipeline and tunnel inspection operations ensuring that your operation is not interrupted on critical infrastructure. Our fully-equipped workshops in Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth support Australia-wide deployment of ROV tunnel and pipeline inspection services.

Inspection Results
Inspection results will include three channels of video (including HD Video option). Standard measurement tools include a profiling sonar and penetration distance counter. When data is combined, these two instruments provide x,y,z, data points which are used to calculate sediment depth and volume throughout the conduit and will detect and measure gross anomalies within the pipeline. Other optional services include sonar and laser modelling, geo-positioning and a wide range of environmental sensors.

Reports typically provide to our clients include:
• Sediment charts
• Volume charts
• 3D Pipewalk
• Out-of-round
• 3-channel synchronized video
• VisualSoft video and sonar data collection

Intervention and Manipulation
A unique 5 function manipulator arrangement can be fitted to the inspection ROV. This manipulator provides gives excellent dexterity and greatly enhances the operational capability of the ROV. It is ideally suited to retrieval and recovery work as well as sample collection.

Inspection and Intervention Tasks
Tasks that can be accomplished can include:
• Pipeline Inspections
• Touchdown Monitoring
• High resolution route surveys using an inertial navigation system (INS) and multi-beam profiler
• Light intervention (dual 5-manipulator optional)
• Cable survey/tracking
• Inspection work in higher water current locations