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ROV Pipeline Inspection
UVS Trenchless partners with leading international suppliers to provide specialist services for ROV Pipeline inspection including raw and treated water and also sewer inspection and repair service provision in Australia and New Zealand.

UVS Trenchless is a natural fit to provide sewer inspection and repair services for customers in Australia and New Zealand. Sewer inspection using unmanned and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) is a specialised business. UVS partners have many years of experience and highly capable teams to provide services in Australia backed by UVS on-the-ground knowledge and workshops in Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth. UVS Trenchless services a wide network of customers Australia-wide and is at the leading-edge of the introduction of innovative technologies for water and sewer inspection and pipeline condition assessment.

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) can operate in flooded, partially flooded and dry environments while marine surveys can be completed utilising traditional boat based methods or unmanned robotic vehicles. The variety of vehicles and methods allows for inspection, survey and construction tasks to be performed in low or zero visibility, in currents, during short outage periods or in many areas that would otherwise be unsafe or economically restrictive for human access. Specialised vehicles can be developed for difficult conditions or to obtain specific data such as pipeline ovality.

Reporting outcomes from inspections are important to enable asset owners to use collected data effectively. UVS can provide several report types including camera video, sonar video and 3-dimensional imaging using sonar data. Sedimentation reports provide valuable information on the accumulation of sediment over time and calculation of aggregated sediment volume can be used to prepare tender documents specifying the exact volume of material to be removed.