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Attention Water Pipe Asset Managers!

Attention Water Pipe Asset Managers!


Learn how to be recognised as a leader in environmental awareness

Today, more than ever, we need to think about safeguarding the world’s potable water. Only 2.5% of all of earths water is potable, and with a growing global population, the world is already starting to see water shortages.

Did you know, though, that an average of 15-35% of pumped potable water is lost in transport due to leakages in water pipes?

That good news about this is that there is a solution.

The really good news is, though, that you as a water pipe asset manager can be that solution.

The AquaLink Water Monitoring System with its unique Leak Detection Algorithm immediately detects and alerts you of pipe leaks. This means that with the AquaLink System you can prevent the unnecessary loss of large volumes of essential water.  

Moreover, the AquaLink System is proven to detect leaks significantly faster than its competitors (see image).

AquaLink Water Monitoring System detects water leakage faster than competitors.

Choose AquaLink to ensure your water network is environmentally conscious: Help safeguard potable water for generations to come!

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