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Emergency Tunnel Inspection in Challenging Conditions

Emergency Tunnel Inspection in Challenging Conditions

01-May-2018 UVS Trenchless has teamed with SeaBotix ROV operators  for an emergency inspection of a tunnel in difficult conditions at Werribee WWTP . UVS utilise Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) technology to provide safe and effective access to hazardous environments remotely including inspection, survey and intervention.

UVS Trenchless GM, Eddie Santos, said that the inspection task was challenging but ideally suited to the capabilities of the Teledyne SeaBotix ROV. “We had de-mobilised from our previous inspection job at the Werribee WWTP, said Eddie, “When we were contacted on-site by the Client  to complete an immediate inspection of a tunnel resulting from the discovery of high LEL levels.
The tunnel was about 75% filled with raw sewer. After mobilising the SeaBotix ROV and preparing the site for night work with lights and other arrangements the first inspection was performed with a high-resolution Teledyne BlueView M900 – 2250 sonar. Unfortunately, the high turbidity and suspended sediment in the raw sewage prevented useful sonar data from being obtained.
As the tunnel was only 75% full a decision was made to prepare the SeaBotix ROV with additional flotation so that it could operate on the surface of the waste water. The SeaBotix ROV camera was positioned to gain image of the tunnel crown. The second inspection was successfully completed to a penetration of 190m with camera images clearly showing a failure of the tunnel crown.

The Teledyne SeaBotix vLBV ROV is rated to a depth of 300m.  They carry a high-resolution colour camera and a low light black and white camera. This ROV is perfect for penetrating small diameter pipelines to great distances. With a 750m fibre optic umbilical and 3000W Surface Power Supply, the SeaBotix ROV has proven to be an effective tool for inspection of underwater confined spaces and pipelines. The SeaBotix ROV is ideal for rapid deployment projects as the system can be shipped as checked luggage on commercial flights.

Teledyne SeaBotix vLBV ROV is easy to launch when access is restricted and can penetrate small diameter pipelines to great distances.
Data obtained from a scanning sonar can be used to build 3D models of tunnels & pipelines.
 High resolution Teledyne BlueView M900 – 2250 imaging sonar provides for inspection in conditions where CCTV is obscured by sediment and water turbidity.


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