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Serpent Scan Centre

Serpent Scan Centre

14-Nov-2016 The Serpent Scan Centre provides and easy to use way to manage SewerSerpent™ scans, perform further analysis and generate customer reports.

The Scan Centre software will run on any laptop/PC and is used to upload raw scan data from the Serpent Control Unit. Once the scan files are uploaded to the Scan Centre they can be saved, manipulated and stored as required to form job files. Because the Serpent Control Unit includes a built-in GPS all scan files are geo-referenced to the scan start point.

Scan Centre software is included with the SewerSerpent™ system and makes management and manipulation of scan data simple.

At (1) a list of leaks identified in a scan is shown. At (2)  a map of the scan start and finish locations shows leak locations geo-referenced

This screenshot shows the Job Data at (1) with result from an individual scan at (2). A Job can be comprised of one or many scans. 


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