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SewerBatt™ Collaborative Trial Report

SewerBatt™ Collaborative Trial Report

23-Jul-2014 The SewerBatt™ technology has been developed as a rapid screening method using acoustic signals to gain information on the condition inside sewer pipes. SewerBatt

has been the subject of a collaborative trial (directed by a steering group of 11 water utilities) and conducted by Isle Utilities.The trial was undertaken to assess and verify the potential of the technology.

The trial concluded that the SewerBatt technology was suitable to complement CCTV surveys. First calculations based on realistic assumptions showed that using the SewerBatt™ technology to screen sewers prior to CCTV can save between 17% and 29% of the OPEX depending on the Operational model used. The Return on Investment (ROI) varies between 17 and 36 km of pipe length investigated.

SewerBatt™ grading was found consistent with the CCTV grading with 90% accuracy.

A case study also showed that the simplicity of the SewerBatt™ technology enables operators to screen larger area in a shorter time, allowing for a more detailed inspection. With the current practice, not all the sewers are being investigated on a regular basis; pipe selection process is mainly based on operators’ experience which may lead to poor quality pipes to be missed.



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