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SewerBatt™ Integrates with IBM Maximo Asset Management Software

SewerBatt™ Integrates with IBM Maximo Asset Management Software

26-Aug-2015 After being recognised by InfoNet, a purpose-built Infrastructure Management System (IMS) for water distribution, wastewater collection and stormwater networks, SewerBatt™ is now fully integrated with the IBM Maximo Asset Management System. 

An Acoustic Survey object type has now been added to Collection networks in the Infrastructure Management System. The Acoustic Survey object is a survey based on acoustic sensing and is used to assess pipe condition, find blockages and identify structural issues. The format supported in InfoNet and IBM Maximo Asset management is the SewerBatt™ XML file format from Acoustic Sensing Technology (UK). 

UVS Trenchless General Manager, Eduardo Santos, said that the changes to IBM Maximo Asset management pointed the way ahead for acoustic survey of sewer pipeline networks. “Acoustic survey using SewerBatt™ is a new tool for condition assessment of pipeline networks”, said Eduardo, “It complements CCTV inspection and enables more effective use of costly CCTV resources and proactive management of sewer networks”. SewerBatt™ integration with the two biggest software developers will make life easy for users of these products. The inclusion of Acoustic Survey into network asset management tools supports the growing acceptance of the advantages of this technique for reducing the cost and improving the capability for monitoring of sewer networks.


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