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Underwater Laser Based Measurement

Underwater Laser Based Measurement

22-Dec-2015 UVS Trenchless as a part of the BlueZone Group has access to a wide range of technologies from our partner companies operating in Offshore Oil & Gas, Oceanographic and Water Resources markets. In Offshore Oil & Gas, interest and applications are growing for laser-based underwater measurements systems that can provide sub-millimetre measurement accuracy.

UVS supplier, OceanTools, has completed a number of Offshore Oil& Gas tasks measuring cracks, gaps and corrosion on Floating Productions Storage and Offloading (FPSO) facilities and caissons with restricted access. New applications will include mounting multiple systems onto a crawler. OceanTools products include:
• C-Gauge: Measurement of cracks, gaps, lengths, diameters, radii and angles

• C-Profiler: Alternative to mechanical acoustic profilers for cross-sectional profiles, free- 
span measurement and structural deformation

• C-Scan: Internal rotational scanning of caissons, pipelines etc. External scanning of anchor chains and anodes.

The laser has a very low power consumption and draws just 250mA at 24VDC. Because the power of the laser is below 70mW they are classed as ‘Laser class III-a’ meaning no special training is required to operate them.

For inspection of pipelines, tanks and water storage facilities with good visibility laser-based underwater measurements from small Remotely Operated Vehicles can provide valuable conditions information for asset managers.

C-Gauge Underwater Laser based measurement system C-Gauge Underwater Laser based measurement system (823 KB)

Processed data example showing sub-millimetre accuracy on suspended chain dimension


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