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AquaLink - Water Network Efficiency

AquaLink System

The biggest challenge for any water distributor is monitoring and detection of leaks in the network.

Without a smart leak detection system, the consequences are:

-        Late and time-consuming manual detection of major leaks (30 days or more)

-        Inability to detect silent leaks

-        Higher cost of maintenance, as resources are constantly used for unplanned maintenance work rather than new investments

The AquaLink System approach for more efficient management of water networks enables:

-        Detection of leaks in one day

-        Simple installation into the existing network

-        Complete control with the lowest investment

AquaLink system is an expandable monitoring platform that enables asset managers to gain control over their water network in a simple and effective manner.

The AquaLink Approach

AQ Architect Planning Phase:

        Review of the water network

        Proposal of District Metering Areas on critical network points

        Proposal of flow meters and sensors

Implementation of System:

        Installation of flow meters and AquaLink sensors

        Initial monitoring of system

        Establishing baseline consumption

Leak Detection Phase

        Detection of anomalies (leaks, silent defects, seasonal fluctutations)

        SMS and email alarms


        Support 24/7


        AQ – SCADA module

        AQ – GIS module

        Monthly analyses in combination with end users

        Custom exports, communications

Case Study: Leak Detection for Novo Mesto Water Network, Slovenia

Characteristics of the Network

The Novo Mesto network is an old network with some pipelines up to 100 years old. Principal characteristics of the network are:

        4.7 million m3 water consumption

        SCADA and measurement coverage for water production

        24,000 Radio AMR and water meters (monthly readings)

  • Supplying water to 8 other utilities

Leak Detection Project in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. An 800km network was monitored with 65 AQ devices resulting in a 4.5% reduction in pumped water


Main Challenges

The Novo Mesto water management authority faced the following challenges in managing their network:

  • Ageing infrastructure. Old pipelines with some up to 100 years’ old
  • No impact in case of no rain for 3 months
  • Over-dimensioned pipes (water sales decreasing – closed circuits for big consumers because of fire law)
  • A lot of pre-pumped water (big el. Consumption)
  • Diverse environment (network from 100m up to 900m sea level)
  • Seasonal fluctuation (weekend houses)
  • Optimisation of investment and costs
  • Under 26 % water loss


Installation and monitoring of an 800km network with 65 AquaLink devices resulted in a 4.5% reduction in pumped water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all types of meters by adapted to AquaLink?

Any meter with a pulse output can be connected to an AquaLink device. AquaLink supports short circuit (Reed) pulses and active voltage pulses (HRI, cyble, falcon etc.).

Almost all meters on the market support pulse output. Some may require an extra pulse adapter from the meter manufacturer, which is then installed on the meter which then allows for pulse output.

One option is to configure and connect AquaLink devices to meters and then ship out a ready to use package.

What Communication Infrastructure is Required?

AquaLink devices use GSM, which means that in most cases the infrastructure is already built and maintained by the mobile operator. GSM is preferred for normal operation and constant updates of AquaLink devices.

AquaLink devices can also be used offline, but then a manual visit is required to connect with a cable to download the logged data.

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