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Hermes Technology
Hermes Technology products cover almost every area of sewer repair and renovation.

Hermes products include:

  • M-Coating. An innovative renovation technique for both round and rectangular manhole shafts from 500mm to 1200mm.

  • ERGELIT Dry Mortars & Grouting. Ready-to-use, high quality specialty mortars, that are easily applied for an efficient, rapid and durable repair of manhole covers.

  • Sewer Rehabilitation Robots. A range of robots for applications such as renovating lateral connections, milling and repair.

  • Hermes has developed many technologies to provide quality and safer sewer lines including the first sewer rehabilitation mortars in 1982. Their product range has been developed through a continuous commitment to quality and customer needs.

    Hermes robotic products are an excellent fit with the existing support capabilities of UVS Trenchless workshops and customers in Australia can be assured of full support.

    See the following video and pdf for more information:

    Hermes Hermes (82102 KB)

    ERGELIT Dry Mortars and Grouting - Applications and Examples ERGELIT Dry Mortars and Grouting - Applications and Examples (1494 KB)

    Shaft cleaning is accomplished using high pressure water jets. The cleaning array can now be used in hazardous areas  using a compressed air motor.
    M-Coating is a renovation process designed for manhole shafts with a depth of up to 10m. Using a centrifuge spray, ERGELIT-KS (available in various degrees of corrosion resistance) can be applied in a coating of any desired thickness, from 5 mm minimum. This gives not only protection against corrosion, but greater static strength to the shaft as well.