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Multi-Sensor Inspection Raft
The Multi-Sensor Inspection (MSI) Raft enables comprehensive inspection of a large diameter sewer pipelines. Developed by CISCREA of France, a design partner for UVS Trenchless, the MSI Raft has been proven with inspections conducted since July 2017.

The MSI Raft dimensions of 1400 x 460 x 380 mm enables access through typical manhole entries. The MSI Raft also includes a deployable stabiliser system to support inspection and stabilisation of the vehicle in large pipelines. The Multi-Sensor inspection suite includes:

- Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera for detailed visual inspection
- Monitoring cameras with spot lights for overall imaging and control of the inspection
- Laser for accurate measurement and profiling above the water line
- Sonar for imaging and profiling of the pipeline and silt conditions below the water line

Demonstrations have shown that comprehensive data can be gathered in just one pass of a sewer pipeline. The operator has access to real-time video with full data transmission to the surface and real time data fusion of laser (above water) and sonar (below water) data.

The MSI raft are enables inspection of lengthy tunnel segments, flooded, half-flooded and challenging manhole access conditions. Full reporting software enables transfer of data to Wincan ® and Wincan ® can connect to the platform as well.

 MSI Raft is deployed in a compact configuration through available manhole entries to sewer pipelines.

 The MSI Raft incorporates a stabiliser system that holds the raft steady in the center of the sewer pipeline.

 Real-time display on 3 monitoring cameras, PTZ Camera and Laser/Sonar profile enabled by MSI Raft.