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PIPA - Pipe Inspection Products & Accessories

Internal acoustic technology is fast becoming the most reliable technique for accurately tracing leaks in pipelines of all material. UVS Trenchless supplies PIPA Mains Water Inspection Products for fast and accurate location of leaks using acoustic technology

The PIPA Hydrostatic Leak Locator System is designed to pull through a unique capsule and record acoustic patterns within a fully pressurised pipe at up to 16 bar test pressure. The permanently installed system enables ongoing pipeline monitoring and condition assessment over the life of the asset and immediate investigation in the event of a failed hydrostatic test.

The Leak Locator System can be deployed up to 2,000 meters with positive flow and operates under a wide variety of flow conditions. The unique and compact capsule is configured with an ultra-high response hydrophone sensor for precise inspections. It can successfully detect leaks in all pipe materials, is not pipe size dependent and can be inserted into all pipes 100mm diameter and above.

Pipepod S™ Pipepod S™ (318 KB)

Pipe Inspection Products and Accessories Pipe Inspection Products and Accessories (2368 KB)


System Features

  • Compact
  • Operates at pressures up to 16 bar
  • Accurate long distance leak detection
  • Detection of entrapped gas and air pockets
  • Identification of pipe implosion points
  • Independent of pipeline size and material
  • Low pressure leaks identified at 0.5 Bar
  • 10 hours Battery life 



The Pipepod™ includes an advanced hydrophone module that can detect leaks that are not evident to the human ear. The unique microphone magnifies all acoustic patterns to detect leaks that other current market products cannot identify.


Hydrocam™ Water Pipe CCTV Inspection System is a fully pressure rated camera system with seal arrangement and recording station for video capture and encoder text overlay.  


Hydrocam™ Water Pipe CCTV Inspection System set up for a fire hydrant inspection. Inspection of pressurised potable water pipelines from 75mm diameter and above with pressures up to 10 BAR can be performed.



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