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Trenchless Technology Products Overview

Trenchless technology activities include installation of new pipelines and services; on-line replacement of existing pipelines; and renovation of existing pipelines.

To support these activities UVS supplies products that enable condition surveys including:

  • SewerBatt™ defect/blockage detection
  • Closed Circuit TV
  • Robotics

Condition assessment aids infrastructure owners, operators and maintainers to assess and establish the condition of pipeline assets.

Many infrastructure owners are now demanding objective data to support the subjective observations made with CCTV technology. UVS specialises in the supply and support of systems that enable objective measurement clear identification of pipe defects, blockages and leaks.

Condition assessment using products supplied by UVS can include:

  • Defect/Blockage Detection. The SewerBatt™ acoustic sensing system enables rapid (approximately ten seconds) identification of pipe defects/blockages and the location. The SewerBatt™ equipment only needs to be introduced from the manhole and does not need to be traversed through the pipe.
  • Pipe Data. Pipe wall thickness, pipe wall defects and pipe deflection can be measured using laser scanning systems.

With this information and other data the remaining life of a pipeline can be assessed or the probability of failure can be forecast.

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