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AC-ROV for Tank Inspection
A complete system comes in one rugged waterproof hand carry case with an all up weight of just 18kg. It defines the “Hand Carry" class in underwater inspection systems. CE Marked and certified for all “feet wet” applications, offshore, onshore or down pipes, it is the safest and quickest tool for your underwater inspection.

One person can easily deploy the system in less than 3 minutes. Not only can it be carried in one hand, it can also be controlled with one hand, leaving your other one free to tend to the tether, take notes, operate the manipulator or answer your mobile. The AC-ROV is a single operator system and a benchmark in ROV design.

The market leading AC-ROV Underwater Inspection System is available with three further capability options. A Thickness Gauge for measuring metal thickness; a Laser Scaling head for the relative measurement of surface defects; and an Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) underwater positioning and tracking system.

Why buy your AC-ROV from UVS? 
UVS is the number one AC-ROV supplier in Australia and we stand behind every product that we sell.

Our fully equipped workshops support the ROVs operated by the Royal Australian Navy. Skilled staff in our workshop will provide you with the same high level of service that we provide to Navy and ensure that your AC-ROV is maintained in best working condition. We preform regular service, upgrades and improvements on ROVs regularly and all of our work is tested for function and performance in our ROV test tank. If your AC-ROV is critical to your business then choose us for the best advice on AC-ROV and options and ongoing support of your equipment.

Our AC-ROV Product Line Manager, Andrew Roth, has extensive experience in AC-ROV operations and support. Andrew says that the ease of use of the AC-ROV and the helicopter flight pattern make it both fast to learn to operate and a powerful and flexible inspection tool. “The AC-ROV can manoeuvre sideways”, says Andrew, “this makes it ideal for tank inspection tasks where the wall must be kept in focus while the vehicle is manoeuvred to inspect all of the tank. Andrew has completed many demos including fire sprinkler storage tanks, drinking water tanks and bridge footings on inland waterways.