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MiniFlex CCTV Inspection System - The Curving King

The MiniFlex is designed specifically for the testing of small diameter pipes and tubes (32 to 100 mm). The conical shape between the camera head and push cable makes it easy to pass through multiple curves of 90 degrees.

The MiniFlex uses a spherical camera head to produce very good images even in larger pipes. Cable length 15 meters, optional longer lengths are available.

  • Inspection of pipelines and tubes 32mm to 100mm
  • Spherical Camera Head
  • Special lens with large viewing angle of 100 °
  • Push cable exchangeable (by the user)

The MiniFlex sewer camera is equipped with a unique patented flexible element between the camera-head and the push rod. This, combined with the innovative oval camera head, provides an easier transit through drains and pipes. Extensive real life tests have proven that even right-angle bends in diameters as of 32mm are taken smoothly. The sophisticated sewer camera-head design keeps the lighting LED) ring above the bottom, which minimises reflection, and this together with the carefully selected lens gives the MiniFlex camera a large “viewing angle” and a sharp image, even in larger diameters till 100mm diameter. To make it a complete package, the MiniFlex is standard equipped with a 512Hz transmitter, cable meter counter and display with recording functions for video and photo on SD-card.

TFT 5.6-inch Monitor with Digital - Recorder

The monitor has a built-in recording function for video and photos. Data is written to the SD card and the operation is very simple. By default the pipe camera is available at an extra video-out connection that allows connection of a separate monitor or additional recording device.

Innovative cassette format

The traditional reel and case are installed in an enclosed cassette. The whole unit is very compact and easy to move to the work-site and operate in a limited space.

Complete equipment including several options!

A MiniFlex with:

  • Transmitter 512Hz
  • Cable meter counter
  • Date and time
  • Data display
  • Battery 7 hours
  • Digital Recorder
  • MiniFlex Camera Head integrated into 28mm guide ball
  • MiniFlex Standard Cable 15m


  • MiniFlex Camera Head
  • MiniFlex Replacement Cable 15 m
  • MiniFlex Replacement Cable 20 m
  • MiniFlex Replacement Cable 30m

Compact and Ergonomic Case

The housing is made of plastic and corners are protected with rubber moulds. This makes the whole design robust. The sensitive parts are waterproof and are screened in the middle. The cable drum is open, so that the cable can be easily cleaned. Due to its compact form, this MiniFlex cassette can be easily transported and set up at the work-site

See the MiniFlex in Action!

Watch this video to see the amazing ability of the MiniFlex to pass through multiple 90-degree bends. MiniFlex - the curving king - enables inspection in the hardest to reach places for pipelines from 32 to 100mm diameter