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RICO CCTV Inspection

UVS represents RICO products for CCTV Inspection and Pipe Renovation Techniques in Australia (Western Australian and Northern Territory). We can assist you with selection of products from RICO's extensive range and we offer full service and support for all RICO products that we sell. View our product brochure.

RICO's product and sales range is focused on high-quality equipment for CCTV inspection. This includes a range of equipment for:

  • pipe diameters from  25 mm to 2000 mm
  • pushed or driven inspection vehicles

Together with RICO, UVS can offer the design and manufacture of complete mobile isnpection systems for all applications.

RICO The products range from the handy ROCAM | III – with its over 20.000 sold units until today probably the most-sold camera world-wide – up to vehicles, built to standard, like the HIGHLANDER® (design protected in its ergonomic and innovative concept).

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