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UVS Trenchless - RiezlerRIEZLER CCTV Inspection

UVS offers RIEZLER Inspektionssysteme one of the leading producers of Channel-inspection-cameras.

For over 20 years RIEZLER has offered a variety of professional channel cameras of outstanding quality and different configurations - for a perfect inspection of pipes and channels.

RIEZLER equipment provides the following features:

  • specialized for lateral (house connection) sewers
  • development, production, sales and service under one roof
  • outstanding reputation based on superb quality and service of products
  • attractive prices
  • long-standing, highly qualified employees guarantee high quality standards
  • family business in second generation
  • Made in Germany

RIEZLER Inspektionssysteme was founded on the idea to provide uncomplicated, powerful and absolutely reliable products for a fair price. This idea is still a central part of the company philosophy. UVS Trenchless Technology provides a strong link in the partnership between RIEZLER and customers.

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