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TT01 – Large Tunnel Inspection Unit
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The TT01 - The Large Tunnel Inspection Unit (LTIU) provides the capability to inspect large tunnels to a distance of up to 3km. The LTIU can be used for towed deployment through large diameter pipes. Redundant fibre in the cable provides the opportunity for addition of additional equipment to the deployed unit. 

Principal Characteristics are as follows:

Deployed Unit
Self-contained customised float
1 x Kongsberg OE14-122 Pan/Tilt/Rotate Camera
4 x AquaVision LED-1600 Underwater LED Light – 2 x Fixed, 2 x Dimmable
1 x 24VDC/15VDC Dual Battery Pack for Camera/Control System
2 x 12VDC Battery Packs for Lights
Remote PLC monitoring, control and communication system

Load isolated fibre optic cable winch with dual drive tension control
3Km cable capacity
Dual fibre (Battlefield) cable

Control System
Touch screen interface and display system
Optional handheld joystick control box
4 channel video recording system

Features and benefits of the TT01 - LTIU are summarised below.



3km 'Battlefield' cable

Inspections of tunnels up to 3km with low risk of cable breakage

Pan/Tilt/Rotate Camera

Full 360-degree imaging of tunnel

Touch screen interface and display system

Easy to use and operate with minimal training

Spare fibre optic in cable

Field swap of fibres for redundancy
Provision of additional sensors

Light weight equipment

No manhole entry required

TT01 The Large Tunnel Inspection Unit Flyer  |  Contact UVS Trenchless Technology

CCTV Van control room showing monitors and Deployed Unit in background

Deployed Unit racked-out ready for off-loading

Off-loading Deployed Unit

Deployed Unit ready for lowering into manhole

Deployed Unit showing Kongsberg OE14-122 Pan/Tilt/Rotate Camera

CCTV Van control room showing video feed on monitors

3km “Battlefield” cable shown on cable reel
Deployed Unit in tunnel