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Serpent Verification Service

Serpent Verification Service

Reliability and Low Maintenance

SewerSerpent® is a reliable and low-maintenance system. Maintenance and handling requirements can be compared to that of a Push Rod camera (e.g. minimise drops/impact, do not work close to high pressure water, recharge battery, do not bend the cable past the limit). There is no need for cable counter calibration or scan head energy calibration, and so minimal maintenance is required.

SewerSerpent® works on all types of non-conductive pipes (e.g. terra-cotta, PE, HPDE, concrete). The Scan Head material is Stainless Steel 316 and SewerSerpent® equipment does not required cathodic protection as it is corrosion free.

SewerSerpent® is designed so that different operators will obtain the same results on the same scan location.  Scan results by different operators can be compared over time to assess the condition of a pipeline. This is different to CCTV scans where operator interpretation is required and different operators may identify different defects.

When a SewerSerpent® scan is complete the operator can analyse the results on-site or the results can be analysed by the Asset Management Team depending on the operational procedures of the water utility. The operator or the Asset Management Team can identify which pipeline needs to be maintained or repaired first.

There are other methods (e.g. pressure test, gas test) that can identify pipes with leaks and pipe without leaks; however, these methods cannot provide an accurate leak location. CCTV scans provide a visual inspection only. The identification of leaks is subjective and dependent on operator skill/attention. CCTV scans cannot identify leaks at joints or sites obscured by debris/fat/grease build-up. 

Serpent Verification Service

The Serpent Verification Service provides a cost effective, rapid and reliable way to determine the status of your SewerSerpent® system. SewerSerpent® does not require calibration, however, verification is recommended to:

Ensure that systems are operating correctly after suspected damage or fault
Build confidence in systems
Identify & correct issues before large condition assessment campaigns

Like all electrical/electronic equipment, SewerSerpent® can be damaged by a drop, fall or other accident or mishap. How can you ensure that everything is OK after you suspect that your SewerSerpent® has been damaged?

The Serpent Verification Service provides a full end-to-end check of your SewerSerpent® system so that you can be absolutely assured that your system is working to specification.

Serpent Verification Service includes:

Incoming receipt inspection and visual checks and observations
Unreel cable complete and check for damage
Cable continuity check
Serpent Control Unit firmware check
Serpent Control Unit check of all menus and functions
Serpent Control Unit battery check
Confirm GPS position is correct against known position
Replacement of seals in Serpent Control Unit and Scan Head as required

The final step in the Serpent Verification Service is a complete field test using pipelines with known defects. We check your SewerSerpent® against our pipelines with known defects and ensure that your SewerSerpent® continues to find every defect.