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SewerSerpent – Rugged and Reliable

SewerSerpent – Rugged and Reliable

SewerSerpent® has completed extensive testing for ruggedness and reliability. Check out some of the videos on this page that show how SewerSerpent® was tested to ensure that you have a reliable product in the field that will work under harsh conditions.

Serpent Cable Reel Drop Test

The Serpent Cable Reel is built tough to withstand drops and knocks from on-site work and still provide rapid leak detection in sewer lines.

Drop Test 1

Drop Test 2

Drop Test 3

Serpent Cable Reel Submerge Test

Don't be concerned about wash-down of the Serpent Cable Reel after an inspection job. We have designed and tested the Serpent Cable Reel to be watertight making wash-down no risk for the electronics.

Submerge Test

Serpent Control Unit Drop Test

The Serpent Control Unit needs to be rugged to survive inevitable drops and knocks during on-site work. These videos show how the Serpent Control Unit survives after long drops onto hard concrete floors.

Drop Test 1

Drop Test 2

Scan Head Ruggedness Test

The Serpent Scan Head is set for a tough life as it is worked through pipelines providing digital information on leak location. The materials and method of terminating the Scan Head have been selected to ensure reliable use for the most rugged conditions.

Scan Head Test 1

Scan Head Test 2