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TT01 Float Upgrade
UVS provides local support and engineering capability for adapting and modifying products to meet new pipeline inspection challenges.  

An upgrade of the  TT01 – Large Tunnel Inspection Unit (LTIU) was required to improve buoyancy in the float unit to cope with faster flows in large pipelines. UVS engineers developed a cost effective solution to increase the float buoyancy using commercially available kayak outriggers. The design was completed in the UVS Newcastle office while modification, assembly and test was completed in Melbourne.

UVS designed and installed the LTIU for in 2008, to inspect large diameter pipes and tunnels from 600mm to 5m diameter and up to 3,000m in length. At the time this was the first vehicle for large diameter pipe inspection on the southern hemisphere. Local UVS support for maintenance, modification and modernisation has been key to the continued operation of this system.

TT01 assembled with larger flotation.
Commercially available kayak outriggers were adapted to provide a cost-effective solution for the flotation upgrade.
 UVS engineers developed the upgrade design using 3D modelling techniques.
The original TT01 fully assembled with Kongsberg pan & tilt camera, lights and battery power supply for long tunnel inspections.